Here is What to Know About VivAer and Relieving Nasal Congestion

Posted in Uncategorized | January 18, 2023

Do you have nasal congestion that doesn’t improve or go away? Does feeling congested make it hard to sleep or exercise?

The reason for your congestion may be due to nasal airway obstruction. If you have nasal airway obstruction, it causes your nasal cavity to become blocked, which leads to breathing difficulties and other symptoms.

VivAer is a revolutionary treatment performed in-office at Specialty Care Institute to alleviate the uncomfortable symptoms of nasal airway obstruction. Keep reading to learn more about nasal airway obstruction and how VivAer can help improve your symptoms.

What is Nasal Airway Obstruction?

Inside your nose is a narrow triangular area called the nasal valve. It comprises:


Turbinates are finger-shaped tissues that warm and moisten the air you inhale through the nose.


The septum is a thin ridge of cartilage and bone. The septum separates your nostrils into the left and right sides.

Lateral or Side Wall

The lateral or side wall is the tissue that forms on the outer wall inside the nose.

If any of these structures become enlarged or weakened, they further reduce the size of the narrowed nasal valve. When this occurs, it results in decreased airflow and nasal airway obstruction. Some of the symptoms of nasal airway obstruction include:

  • Chronic nasal congestion
  • Nasal blockage
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Trouble breathing through your nose
  • Inability to breathe enough air while completing physical activity

Nasal Airway Obstruction Treatment

Home remedies, nasal sprays, and nightly breathing strips can provide temporary solutions to people struggling with nasal airway obstruction. Another option is surgery.

However, undergoing surgery is invasive and painful and involves a lengthy recovery. If other treatment options don’t work or you’re looking for an alternative to avoid a surgical procedure, you can now clear your nasal passages and find lasting relief with VivAer.

VivAer is a cutting-edge, one-time procedure used to relieve nasal airway obstruction. The FDA-cleared, in-office treatment only takes a few minutes to complete.

VivAer utilizes targeted, low-temperature radiofrequency energy, allowing your ENT specialist at Specialty Care Institute to:

  • Reduce soft tissue obstruction on your septum
  • Reshape soft tissue
  • Shrink submucosal tissue of the turbinate
  • Widen your nasal valve

Before your ENT specialist performs the VivAer procedure, they may have CT scans taken. The scans determine how the obstruction affects the air flowing through your nose and what should be done to clear the blockage.

During the VivAer treatment, your ENT specialist will apply local anesthesia to numb the inside of your nose. You shouldn’t feel any pain. At most, you may experience slight discomfort.

Your ENT specialist will then insert a special wand through your nostril. The wand emits radiofrequency energy to gently and permanently open the nasal valve, helping improve airflow and making it easier to breathe through your nose.

The entire procedure takes around 15 to 20 minutes to complete.

Recovery from VivAer

Full results take 4 to 6 weeks, but most patients see an improvement in breathing on the first day after undergoing the VivAer procedure. You may experience some tenderness at the treatment site for the first day or two after the procedure.

Your nasal cavity may also be swollen for one to two weeks after VivAer. For most patients, this usually improves within a week.

Make sure to gently blow your nose and avoid pinching or manipulating the treatment site. Also, don’t pick at any scabs that may form in your nose. This will allow your nasal valve to heal correctly in the outward position.

During the first several weeks after VivAer, you may experience some congestion and crusting at the treatment site. Your ENT specialist may suggest you use nasal rinses or apply ointment.

Benefits of VivAer

Some of the benefits of VivAer include the following:

Seeing Fast Results

With VivAer, you can begin breathing easier in no time. You’ll notice an improvement in your symptoms immediately after your treatment.

Non-Invasive Procedure

The VivAer procedure doesn’t involve creating any incisions. It also won’t affect the outward appearance of your nose.

Quick Recovery

Patients that undergo VivAer experience minimal discomfort and can expect a short recovery time. Most patients return to their everyday routine on the same day as their VivAer procedure.


VivAer is a safe and effective treatment that offers long-lasting results and significantly improves your quality of life.

Are You a Candidate for VivAer?

Try these easy tests to see if you may benefit from VivAer.

Cottle’s Maneuver

Hold two fingers together on each side of your nose. Ensure the tips gently press down on your cheeks.

Pull the skin outward toward your ears. Pulling the skin out toward the ears helps open up the nasal valve temporarily.

When you performed Cottle’s Maneuver, did you notice that it became easier to breathe through your nose? If so, it could mean that the nasal obstruction is in your nasal valve, and VivAer could be an excellent option.

NOSE Score

If you’re still unsure if you have a nasal airway obstruction, you can calculate your NOSE score to assess your symptoms. A Nasal Obstruction Symptom Evaluation or NOSE score is an assessment tool that can help you know if you have nasal airway obstruction.

NOSE is an easy, five-question survey that uses a 20-point scale to pinpoint breathing issues. Higher scores show more severe symptoms of nasal airway obstruction.

If you have a high level of obstruction, VivAer may be right for you.

Breathe Easy with VivAer

Specialty Care Institute is proud to offer VivAer. The safe and effective procedure can eliminate the unpleasant symptoms of nasal airway obstruction, letting you live your life to the fullest.

Are you tired of dealing with nasal congestion? Schedule your appointment today at Specialty Care Institute in Barrington, Elgin, or Hoffman Estates, IL, to find out if VivAer can help provide the long-lasting relief you deserve.